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At Mike Ashley Lawn Services, we offer high quality lawn mowing, and Landscaping services at affordable pricing. 

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Full Scale Lawn Service

Depending on your need, we offer high quality lawn mowing, trimming, edging, blowing services etc. 


If you need gardening, wither planting, adding mulch, fertilizing, or just prettying up your garden area, we will provide you with quality service and maintenance. 

Tree/Shrub Trimming

If you have a pesky bush or tree that needs a trimming, pruning, or removal, we can do this for you. (10 ft tall Max). 

Weed Control

If you have weeds and need them taken care of we can provide you with excellent weed removal/treatment service. 


If your lawn has bare spots or needs more thickness, we can provide you with a seeding/over-seeding service that will help you lawn look thick and green. 


If you are looking to beautify your property, remove and replace existing landscape, then Mike Ashley can help you achieve the desired look you want. 


If you need to get things cleaned up and power washed  Mike Can provide you with excellent pricing and top tier service.

Gutter Cleaning/Roof cleaning

If you need your gutters cleaned or your roof, Mike will help get your property looking great and ready to show off.